1938: Founding fathers established a general trading company, Rawji Amarsi.
1961: M.Rawji Brothers entered the exports of naturals & forest products from India.
1987: Rawji Amarsi & Co ,the 1st manufacturing Unit of the Group for Industrial Fragrances.
2005: Rawji Fine Fragrances , Imports and distribution of Aroma Chemicals / Essential Oils and Mfg of fine chemicals.
2010: Setup of Rawji Fine Fragrances Stock Depot in Bengaluru {Karnataka} , the state known for its rich culture, heritage and the traditional Indian incense manufacturing hub.
2011: Initiated and entered into imports of premium raw incense sticks from China / Vietnam and Bamboo sticks to cater to the existing customers as a natural forward integration to the existing line of business.
2013: Rawji Fine Fragrances Pvt. Ltd , was incorporated and the group is now moving towards amalgamation of all its businesses under this corporate identity and setting up of various designated professionals and perfumers handling customer needs and assuring best service in today 's competitive business environment.
The company has initiated recently building on its premises of 7 acres, manufacturing facility in Gujarat which will house all their facilities with automation in Blending techniques , Cold storage , GCMS , R&D facilities to assist in Ideal storage /movement of materials and assist in bulk blending to facilitate its expansion in Africa, Middle Eastern and other Asian Markets.

Lalit Nanalal Rawji , after his chemical engineering from IIT, Chicago, in the year 1972, did initial work experience in the US. He then joined the existing family businesses (Rawji Group, Est. 1938) in Mumbai. The business then mostly constituted collecting & exporting forest produce & natural essential oils items from India. Progressively, the Indian market developed with growing demands for products such as spice oils and Aroma Chemicals. This eventually led to our group setting up the first manufacturing facility in 1987 for blending Industrial fragrances with applications in Incense, Soaps, Detergents etc. Next, with the liberalization of the Indian economy, a big boost to the economic growth, it was now indeed possible to import raw materials, and this business was established.

Tarun Lalit Rawji is a management graduate from the University of Mumbai, and joined the family business in the year 2003. With him, company then diversified into Imports and distribution of several Flavour and Fragrance ingredients from China, Indonesia, Singapore & European markets. With him, the group also initiated its first Aroma chemical manufacturing unit in 2007. He entered into Exports of Yara Yara / Aurantine / Peme / Indol and other aroma chemicals which are today manufactured under contractual and exclusive agreements.